Why Jute Bags Are More In Demand Nowadays?

Why Jute Bags Are More In Demand Nowadays?

As per a recent report, the global jute bag market’s worth became USD 1.8 billion in 2018. To meet the demand, jute bags manufacturers are offering several variants of eco-friendly jute bags for various purposes. Let’s find out why jute bags are more in demand these days.

Jute Bags – an environment-friendly packaging alternative

Climate change highlights the harmful effects of non-biodegradable packaging solutions that are contributing to problems faced around the world. To address the problem, packaging solutions that reduce the carbon footprint became the need of the day.

In such a scenario, several governmental, as well as non-governmental organisations began promoting the use of products such as jute bags. Conscious customers and businesses started using greener alternatives to support the cause. All these factors led to the rise in demand for jute bags.

 Why use Jute bags?

There are several advantages of jute bags for businesses as well as individual customers. Here are some of the critical reasons why eco-friendly jute bags are popular:

  1. Reduce the carbon footprint

Every stage in the lifecycle of jute helps to reduce the carbon footprint. First of all, you do not have to cut trees, instead you have to plant trees to acquire jute. Jute is a plant that can be grown all year round and is among the cheapest natural fibres. Also, jute is biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable.

  1. Customers love fancy jute bags

Businesses catering to retail customers are using fancy jute bags for primary packaging as well as secondary packaging. Since jute bags are attractive, sturdy and reusable, retailers give carry bags made of jute to shoppers.

  1. Eco-friendly alternative for business promotions

With the help of stylish and premium jute bags, small, medium and large scale businesses are promoting their brands. A jute bag with a brand’s product logo or a graphic print along with a promotional message is being given away as gift bags, trade fair bags, etc.

Additionally, for businesses, customised bulk jute bags are cost-effective than many other packaging options. The ROI on advertising and marketing spends is impressive too. Unlike other bags, jute bags with company branding are kept for reuse by customers who appreciate the sturdiness of the bag. Also, jute bags are strong enough to last longer.

  1. Variety of Jute bags

In terms of price, jute bags are available as simple low-cost bags as well as luxury bags/pouches on the pricier side. The different types of jute bags available in the market are jute shopping bags, jute, shoulder bags, jute laptop bags, jute conference folders and more.

  1. Reusable grocery bags

Many people purchase jute bags or reuse the jute bags received while shopping from a retailer. The jute bags are used as grocery bags as they last longer. Again, the brand awareness and brand recall increases for a business if customers use their branded bags and carry it around frequently for everyday use.

To conclude, the demand for jute has increased immensely. These days, you can even order jute bags online as per your needs.

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