Strong, Sustainable, Alternative to Plastic Bags

Strong, Sustainable, Alternative to Plastic Bags

Be its hopping bags or promotional exhibition bags, responsible brands give their customers eco-friendly bags that can be used again and again. As an ethical business, let your target audience flaunt your branded sustainable bags. Getting a bag that’s both functional and attractive is no longer difficult. With the reliable services of leading packaging companies, you can utilise other types of bags that are sustainable alternatives to plastic bags.

Different Types of Eco-friendly bags

  • Carry bags

Big grocery chains and pharmacists are switching to the biodegradable carry bags. Carry bags can be sturdy non-woven bags or stylish paper bags. Your business can also invest in high-quality, customizable trade fair bags and premium bags to offer recyclable carry bags to your customers. You can approach a trustworthy printing company in Mumbai to help you fulfil your precise printing requirements as well.

carry bags

  • Paper bags

From brown paper packages to branded merchandise bags, there’s a perfect paper bag for every occasion. Paper bags are created using paper, generally Kraft paper. You can use them for making shopping bags, product packaging, and paper sacks. The appealing look of paper bags promotes your brand and sort of get you free advertising.

With the help of advanced printing capabilities, paper bag manufacturers in Mumbai are able to give you high-quality printed bags. After all, if your paper bags look attractive, your customers will keep it well and reuse it. You can also use classy paper boxes for product packaging.

paper bags


  • Jute bags

The usage of jute bags as an alternative to plastic bags has several advantages such as sturdiness, minimal carbon foot print and minimal water usage. Jute bags are eco-friendly and 100 percent biodegradable. These bags are made using jute, a fibre obtained naturally from plants. The raw material is converted into durable threads for making bags and other items.

jute bag

  • Cotton bags

The naturally procured cotton gives a practical solution for eco-friendly branding through cotton bags. Packaging companies in Mumbai can customise these cotton bags for creating branded shopping bags, gift bags, etc. Cotton bags are preferable than other bags for carrying light weight items like garments and gifts, etc. due to the lighter fabric.

Cotton bags support sustainability by using less water and energy during production. They are easily washable and perfect for reusing. Your customers will be definitely happy to receive an environment-friendly cotton bag, and you will be able to successfully promote your brand ethically.

cotton bag


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