How Non-Woven Bags are Eco Friendly

How non woven bags are eco friendly

The use of plastic to make bags has been banned in many countries. This had created a lot of fuss, but when you see the environmental benefits, you will be amazed. What has surprised most people is the alternative solution to these bags. Non-woven bags were tried initially, but they were discarded because the users were not really concerned about the environment back then. Now, that everyone has understood that plastic bags are non-biodegradable, the use of non-woven bags have become of primary importance. Even a non-woven bags manufacturer would tell you that it would be best to opt for these bags instead of plastic bags as they are eco-friendly. So, what exactly are the environmental benefits of these bags that the top packaging companies in Mumbai are starting to shift towards this direction? Let’s find out.

1) No harmful soot while burning – When you burn a normal bag, you notice there are a lot of soot and ash and also the smell of smoke. With non-woven bags, there will not be any kind of toxic contaminants when you burn them. Since they are biodegradable in nature, the leftovers of the burn will get dissolved in the soil.

2) Recycle and reuse – The true value of an eco-friendly product can be found out when you consider the reusability of that item. Non-woven bags are known for this feature and you can safely use these bags over and over again. Also, the fact that they can be recycled makes them more advantageous for all the users. Even if you throw them away, you can be rest assured that they would come to use if collected properly. Almost all the non-woven bags manufacturer in Mumbai has praised the usage of these bags simply because they have the ability to keep the environment clean.

3) Very cost effective – Being eco-friendly does not only mean that the product has to be reused or recycled. There are other aspects to it as well. If you see any printing company in Mumbai, you will notice that they always look to provide the most cost effective solution for their printing orders so that they can cut down the cost on other overheads. Similarly, with non-woven bags, their cost effectiveness means that you will not have to use other natural resources to make the bags. The simpler the bags, the better it is for the environment. Additionally, you should also consider the fact that these bags can be recycled and reused. So, even if you invest in the bag, it will be a one-time investment as you can recover the cost by reusing it.

4) Greater durability – The easiest way to understand the concept of reuse is by observing the number of times you can use the product without having to spend on something similar. Non-woven bags are just the perfect example of that. They are extremely durable making them easily reusable for further needs. Unlike plastic or other bags, the chances of these bags to wear down with age is quite slim.


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