6 Benefits of Custom Printing Your Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes

Did you ask your packaging company to custom print important details on your packaging boxes? No. Why not? Here are 6 key benefits you cannot ignore about custom printing of packaging boxes:

1. Branding

How can you miss such an important space to promote your brand? Packaging companies in Mumbai generally provide printing solutions for custom-printed packaging boxes too. Put up your logo, tagline, mascot and other branding communication on your boxes. Create brand awareness through printed packages.

2. Technical Details

Every packaging company will give you the standard packaging boxes in required sizes. But a printing company will help you add technical data such as product model, size, quantity, expiry date and other shipping relevant details.

You can print bar codes, important symbols or product codes for the contents of the packages to be handled properly during transportation. For example, warnings of breakable contents can save you from the loss incurred due to improper handling of your goods.

3. Ease for retailers

Retailers keep a number of products from different brands in their stores. They will be happy to receive product packages which will make their life easier with relevant product information for stacking them on the shelf. If there are products that are reaching an expiry date, the retailer will try to sell it sooner.

If you have products in small units, it will be easier for retailers to read the product information on the box before opening it for sorting. Sometimes, customers notice the product packages when they visit the retailers for other products or brands.

4. Differentiation

Packaging boxes with customised brand design or attractive colours can lead to brand recognition and brand recall.Your potential customer may see your bulk packaging while it is being transported from one place to another or at the retailer’s space. Printed boxes will help them identify your brand easily.

The surface of packaging boxes can be printed with simple or attractive designs in different colours. Imagine seeing a plain brown packaging box in a store and another package with printed elements of a product brand? What will you be attracted to? Of course, the one with design, right? You will recognise the box if you continue to see it again and again.

5. Eco-friendly Promotion

Packaging boxes are an eco-friendly solution. If you promote eco-friendly products, put up the eco-friendly symbol on your product packaging. Customers will be more than happy to connect with a brand that works towards reducing the carbon footprint. So, print your message on to portray yourself as a responsible brand.

6. Re-Order Information

Let your printing company print reorder information such as a number or website link related to products or services on your box. Custom printing by your packaging company itself will make your packaging boxes attractive as well as a cost-effective at the same time.

When the recipient receives the package, a discount code or free service mentioned on the package can motivate them to re-order your products. Chances are your package receivers might contact you for enquiry related to the printed information. A toll-free number or website address on the box to pre-order products can be a good idea for product sellers selling through ecommerce websites.


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