4 Advanced Ways to Make Your Packaging More Brandable


You have products and you have brands. If you want to grow your business, change your customer perception. Be seen as a brand and not as any generic object. To be seen as a brand, you need to put in efforts to make your product packaging more brandable by consulting with expert packaging companies in Mumbai.

Now-a-days, everyone loves to shop online. And you will be selling your products somewhere online in your own ecommerce store or through a shopping website. So, when your customer receives your product in packaging boxes, why lose the branding opportunity by using simple corrugated boxes?

Whenever your customer purchases your product or sees your product in packaging boxes, remind them of your brand identity with some of the following branding ideas:

1. Customize your Shipping Boxes
Give your customers a customised corrugated box with your logo, brand name, tagline on it instead of a plain box with usual shipping message.


Consult with the best corrugated box manufacturers in Mumbai. Add a one liner to thank your customers and they will remember your brand.

Most people who buy gifts for others want to gift wrap their packaging boxes. But branded products with stylish packaging boxes are sometimes carried without wrapping. If the package looks better than a wrapping paper and shows off a compelling brand name, it adds to the self-esteem of the gift giver. The recipient of the gift will be happy to flaunt it too.

2. Custom Shipping Bags
Shipping bags can be customised to make them look aesthetically pleasing with expertise from established packaging companies. Give them shine and glossy finish of a plastic bag. Add a classy touch with the printed paper bags.


For eco-friendly brands, paper bags or non-woven bags can be a great way to package your products. With the choice of handles available, enhance the look of your shipping bags. Photo-quality printing is possible on customised bags. Utilise this feature to send out powerful brand messages with the help of good packaging companies.

Mostly, packaging bags are sturdy enough to be reused too. So, with the longevity of the bags, the chances of brand awareness and recall increase too. Because if the bag looks fun or stylish or has some utility value, who wouldn’t want to take it around again and again.

3. Custom Shipping Tape
Shipping tapes can look much better with customisation. Add your custom logo and text to make it look appealing.


This can make it easier to identify the boxes as well. Some of the leading packaging companies, who are packaging box manufacturers, can help you with a complete solution for developing packaging boxes with custom shipping tapes.

4. Courier Bags
No matter how much time is spent online for communication, courier services are needed for sending out physical products. Make the thought of receiving a courier more exciting.

Create beautifully designed and carefully manufactured courier bags with your brand name on it. Add a funny note, illustration, quote or photographs to make your courier bag interesting.


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